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Wild & Scenic Films - 2021

Program 1 - March 19

The Crown (4 min)

In The Crown, thru hiker, veteran, and Merrell Ambassador Will “Akuna” Robinson completes the Triple Crown of Hiking: the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. This film shares Robinson’s thoughts on this incredible achievement that made him the first African American male on record to complete the Triple Crown of Hiking. Robinson is known within the hiking community for inspiring others to take their first step to get out on the trail and experience the power it brings.

Raised on Rainbows (9 min)

Having kids and still pursuing a passion for fly fishing can be a challenge. For this Colorado couple though, sharing the sport with their children has brought new depth, patience, and an even stronger desire to preserve the rivers they love for generations to come.

The Other Side of the River (14 min)

Homelessness along the Santa Ana River has drastically increased over the past decade near Riverside, California, causing frustration among community members and health concerns for both the people living along the river as well as the river itself. This short documentary explores life along the river and tells the complicated story of activism to save the river.

Saving Buffalo Reef (11 min)

The Buffalo Reef in Lake Superior provides invaluable spawning habitat for Lake Trout and whitefish, but is threatened by stamp sands from historical mining activities. Saving Buffalo Reef shows the collaborative effort to restore the reef and fishery for the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community and beyond.

Biodynamic Agriculture: Farming in Service of Life (5 min)

Biodynamic farming is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to agriculture, gardening, food, and nutrition. Biodynamic farming is regenerative farming; going above and beyond organic farming to help heal the planet. In this film, a few voices of Biodynamics share their view of the beautiful harmonies that exist within nature and how following Biodynamic practices can heal the land, influence our food systems and, in turn, nourish our health.

24 Leeches (10 min)

One part family adventure, one part environmental film, 24 Leeches is a tribute to a father's best friend and adventure partner, his 10-year-old son. This film documents a family canoe adventure to the Slate Islands of Ontario, Canada and more importantly a way of life. 

Wild and Wool (23 min)

Bighorn sheep, an icon of the American West, battle to survive as contact with the infectious disease, mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (m.ovi), carried by domestic sheep threaten these wild herds. A dedicated research team races to understand the complexities and challenges of m.ovi, before the next outbreak devastates the charismatic species.


Program 2 - March 26

Uncle Elephant (4 min)

This is the story of Tuy Sereivathana (Vathana), Cambodia Program Director of Wild Earth Allies, and his dream to work in the forest and protect elephants. Vathana is internationally recognized for his community-based Asian elephant conservation efforts – he is a Goldman Environmental Prize recipient and a National Geographic Explorer. His work over two decades has improved community well-being and reduced threats to Asian elephants and other wildlife.

A Message From the Future of Paradise (7 min)

In 2018, the historic Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise, CA and killed 85 people. In its wake, the community gathered to talk about their values and enact them in the rebuilding. Their vision ensured housing and employment for the survivors, and an economy and community that are resilient in disaster and in harmony with nature. Comprised of 12 original paintings documented with stop-motion, A Message From The Future of Paradise is set 50 years in the future and reflects on the rebuilding process in Paradise, in turn creating a model for other communities.

Here We stand (11 min)

For generations, conservation has been about keeping people from places. Now, Save the Redwoods League and Teresa Baker ask what it would look like for conservation to include all people, even those that normally are in the margins.

The Church Forests of Ethiopia (9 min)

Over the past century, farming and the needs of a growing population have replaced nearly all of Ethiopia’s old-growth forests with agricultural fields. This film tells the story of the country’s Church Forests – pockets of lush biodiversity that are protected by hundreds of churches “scattered like emerald pearls across the brown sea of farm fields”.

If We Take Care of the Land and Water it Takes Care of Us (4 min)

Young Fina lives in San Luis, Colorado, one of the state’s oldest towns. Her family and community keep an historic tradition of equitable distribution of water. She shares how maintaining that practice into modern times sustains the spirit of community and the strength of generational farms and ranches.

A Northern Light (13 min)

The film A Northern Light follows Riverhorse Nakadate as he makes his way by canoe through endless miles of wilderness to celebrate the stunning and surreal lakes and forests, illuminate and juxtapose the serious and perilous threats at hand, and to show a deep poetic reverence to the last remaining places of incomparable beauty.

Stories From the Blue: Ocean Guardians (7 min)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ocean Guardian School Program provides opportunities for kids to get out in their environment to do hands-on, stewardship-based projects. Come along as we meet those who have fostered the growth of this important program and the children who are the future guardians of our planet.

On the Fenceline: A Fight for Clean Air (25 min)

After a bankrupting explosion in June, the future of the largest and oldest oil refinery on the east coast remains unknown. Philly Thrive, an organization of frontline residents and environmental activists, escalates their actions as they fight to keep the refinery closed for good.


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