Birthday Parties

The Basics

The Evanston Ecology Center offers 2 hour birthday party programs on every Saturday and Sunday. A staff member leads a nature or outdoor oriented party that includes games and hands-on activities for 45 minutes. The rest of the time is open for treats and activities of your own.  The parties are for ages 4 and up for a 15-person maximum. The renter is responsible for decorations and treats.  

For more information, call (847) 448-8256 or email


Birthday party fees are $200 R/$230 NR. Fee includes a 2 hour room rental in either the animal room or main room.  Each room holds a maximum of 15 and 20 children, respectively, in addition to the birthday child.  A ratio of 1 adult to 5 children is requested for the party.


Parties are available year round on Saturdays and Sundays during two time slots - 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm. Reservations are required at least two weeks in advance. Not all dates are available due to other Ecology Center programs.


The recently renovated Ecology Center classroom is used for birthday parties. Several 6-foot tables and chairs are available for use. Decorations can be put up 30 minutes before a party. Please no sequins, confetti, or pinatas. There are washrooms and drinking fountains available, but no kitchen facilities.


Need More Space?

For an additional $160, you can rent the multi-purpose room for the two hours during your party. Multi-purpose room set-up includes tables and chairs set up however you like. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required for this expanded rental. This deposit also covers the normal birthday deposit.

Additional Instructor Time

If you want the instructor to be involved for more than 45 minutes, another hour of instructor time can be provided for an additional $80. The normal adult/child ration applies.

More Than 15 Kids

For parties larger than 15, we charge an additional $5 a child with a max of 25 children.


Cool Birthday Themes

Animal Party (ages 4 & up)

Meet some of the Ecology Center's resident animals. We'll take out some of the Ecology Center's critters for a visit. Make an animal craft to take home.

Birds of a Feather (ages 4 & up)

Discover some astounding facts about our flying feathered friends - birds! We will look at feathers, nests, and eggs, look for birds outside, and make a bird craft to take home!

Bug Party (ages 4 & up)

Get to know the most numerous of the Earth's inhabitants - insects! Meet an insect, learn about their exciting lives and even go on an insect scavenger hunt! Make your own bug craft to take home.

Dino Party (ages 4 & up)

Learn about the prehistoric creatures that lived here millions of years ago. We will imagine what it was like to live in the time of the dinosaurs and compare dinos to animals alive today. Make your own fossil replica to take home.

Reptile Romp (ages 4 & up)

Compare reptiles from around the world. You'll meet some of the Ecology Center's resident reptiles up close! Make your own reptile craft to take with you.

Rocking Rocks (ages 4 & up)

Discover the wondrous properties of rocks and minerals. We will learn how to find, sort and identify rocks and minerals. Party goers will leave with a rock craft.

Potions and Concoctions (ages 6 & up)

Discover the science of chemical reaction through hands on experiments that fizz, goop and explode. Kids will make their own concoction to take home.

Geocaching (ages 8 & up)

Party goers will learn how to navigate using GPS units then test their skills in this outdoor treasure hunt. See how many caches your team can find!

Custom Party (ages 4 & up)

Custom parties are available! We have access to canoes, snowshoes and all sorts of materials and locations, including the fire circle and fishing. Please call to talk with program staff, they will help you develop your perfect birthday party. An additional minimum of $50 is added to all custom parties.

Contact Us

For more information, call (847) 448-8256 or email

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