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SAGE (Schools Are Gardening in Evanston) has now been in existence for over a dozen years as a community movement supporting edible gardens in our elementary schools. The program has grown from the creation of an organic edible garden consisting of six raised beds at Dawes School in 2004 to one that has taken root in all but a few Evanston schools. 

SAGE's History

To learn more about how SAGE got started and what other groups contributed during its early years, click HERE.

A Children's Gardening Program

With a mission to promote a healthy future for our children, the garden program provides opportunities for children to engage in experiential learning in the fresh air, for planting, harvesting and tasting fresh foods they have grown themselves, and for giving back to others when donating surplus produce to local food pantries.

Steering Committee

SAGE is guided by a Steering Committee that works collaboratively with schools, teachers, students, parents, and dedicated volunteers to ensure the program's continued success as it expands into new schools.  Today, 16 gardens exist throughout the Evanston school system.

Grants and Funding

Traditionally, small grants have been available annually to benefit school gardens develop infrastructure. More recently funding has been offered for acquisition of tools and also for Garden Coordinator stipends. For more information, contact us using the "Contact Us" button below.

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