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Omohundro Award

In 1999, the Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) created an annual award honoring Charlotte Omohundro for her 25 years of service to the EEA and Evanston Ecology Center.  Her efforts on behalf of those two institutions then continued on until 2006.

Charlotte was a co-founder of Keep Evanston Beautiful, a committed advocate of the Ecology Center and an early promoter of environmental stewardship in Evanston.  Beginning with her efforts to promote energy efficiency through modifications to the Ecology Center in the 1970s, to her leadership in organizing early recycling efforts, to her key role in fundraising for the EEA through many events including an annual Dried Flower Sale, Charlotte's commitment to environmental education and best practices in Evanston was exemplary.

And yet, Charlotte’s commitment to community service was not limited to only environmental initiatives.  She also gave her time tirelessly to organizations such as the PTA, Girl Scouts and League of Women Voters. 

Charlotte passed away on May 25, 2013.  We look forward to recognizing future recipients of the award given in her name who best exemplify Charlotte’s remarkable dedication to service within Evanston’s environmental community.

Year Award Winner 
2018 Tracy Hubbard
2017 Paul D'Agostino
2016 Catherine Hurley
2015 Gary Anton
2014 Lynn Hyndman
2013 Nature's Perspective Landscaping
2012 Richard Peach
2011 Linda Lutz
2010 Gordon Guth
2009 Fred Schneider
2008 Keep Evanston Beautiful, Inc.
2007 Debby Hillman
2006 Marti Ross Bjornson
2005 Rotary Club of Evanston
2004 Dr. Margaret Murley and Wayne Svoboda
2003 Charlynn Schweingruber
2002 Libby Hill
2001 Ellen Newcomer
2000 Virginia Beatty
 1999 Oscar Chute

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