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EEA Wild & Scenic Film Festival presented by Hagerty Consulting

Wild & Scenic Films - 2024

Biopixels (3 min)

Butterflies and moths comprise 12% of all species known to man (180,000 species!), and their seemingly endless biodiversity is visually translated on their wings through color and pattern variation. Biopixels explores the world of evolutionary biology on a microscopic scale. Using the latest light microscope technology, butterfly wings become micro-mosaics. The images in this film have not been altered but were animated to demonstrate both subtle and dramatic evolutionary development and variation.

Mussel Grubbing: A Citizen Science Treasure Hunt (7 min)

Following a citizen scientist's journey of discovery, the film explores the treasure hunt for freshwater mussels in the upper Sangamon River. Finding a diverse collection of healthy mussels means a healthy river and a healthy community

A Renewable Future (7 min)

In this film, land stewards and wildlife experts from across The West explore issues surrounding renewable energy projects on public land and encourage the outdoor community to take action and continue to protect the wild spaces we hold dear.

Black Skimmers, under our wing (12 min)

A pair of Black Skimmers lay their egg on a barrier island along Tampa Bay. Three weeks later, a fuzzy, sand-colored chick emerges from its shell. As the chick grows, it navigates the challenges of a heavily human-populated beach.

Toxic Art (16 min)

On a mission to clean up Ohio's leaking, abandoned coal mines, Ohio University Art Professor John Sabrah teamed up with an engineer to develop a process that turns the toxic runoff pollution into paint. John's artwork has been shown worldwide, and proceeds have helped numerous environmental organizations and projects, including a new water treatment plant on the Sunday Creek Watershed.

Brave Girl (8 min)

Brave Girl is a strong young adventurer who, with the help of her grandpa, is beginning her journey of finding out what it takes to climb mountains. Even though she’s only 6, she has an unwavering ambition to climb the biggest mountains in the world, starting with the ones in her backyard in Wyoming.

Soundscape (15 min) 

Soundscape features Erik Weihenmayer, a global adventure athlete and author who is fully blind, as he ascends a massive alpine rock face deep in the Sierra Nevada. The film is a surprising and soulful adventure using expert camera work and emotive, novel animation to bring to life a concept by adaptive climbing pioneer Timmy ONeill.

Paddle Tribal Waters (9 min)

When the largest dam removal project in history begins, a group of indigenous youth learns to whitewater kayak, hoping to become the first people to paddle the restored river from source to sea.

Lights Out (9 min)

"Lights Out" uncovers the largely unknown issue of why Chicago is the most deadly city for migratory birds. Chicago's location, building design, and light pollution all contribute to the window collisions that kill thousands of birds each year. Experts David Willard and Annette Prince discuss how this happens and why it is detrimental to the balance of the ecosystem. We have a responsibility to protect these birds during their incredible feat of migration and the solution can be as simple as turning off the lights.

STORMY (3 min)

Stormy, a Master Haida carver, muses in this short zen-like piece about making a canoe by hand on an island in Alaska.

Bridging Fragments (8 min)

Urbanization and deforestation are fracturing the wildlife corridors that preserve biodiversity in tropical rainforests, putting many species at risk, including the world's slowest mammal - the sloth. "Bridging Fragments" explores these stressors in a tropical rainforest community off the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, where the Sloth Conservation Foundation is helping the local wildlife navigate a disconnected world.

Bright Toh: Unsung Hero (5 min)

Bright Toh, a young visual artist from Cameroon, is on a journey to raise awareness about the plight of endangered species in his country. Using his incredibly striking art, he aims to educate people about the need to protect animals like pangolins and primates from threats such as bushmeat poaching and habitat loss.

You Are Not Small (3 min)

Lucy Hawking, award-winning children's book author, and daughter of scientist Stephen Hawking, makes science accessible and engaging through her numerous books. Her latest book series, Princess Olivia Investigates, is about a young girl who would rather be a scientist than a princess. You Are Not Small was inspired by Olivia.

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