Evanston Green Living Festival

Save the Date

The Evanston Green Living Festival is a fun and educational event that is presented annually as part of Streets Alive by the Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) in partnership with Citizen's Greener Evanston (CGE) and the City of Evanston. The 2017 Green Living Festival was presented on September 10, 2017 from 1pm to 5pm. Please keep an eye out for our 2018 event date and when you put it in your calendar, be sure to spread the word to other friends and community members.

Green Products, Services and Ideas

The Green Living Festival is held as part of Streets Alive to provide a venue for businesses and organizations to present products, services and ideas that will help festival attendees lower their personal carbon footprint. Participants will pick up new ideas that they can take home and put into practice to lead a greener life. 

Part of Streets Alive

The Green Living Festival was held for 8 years at the Evanston Ecology Center, but then was integrated into Evanston's Streets Alive in 2015 in an attempt to reach a larger and more diverse audience. Steets Alive is a pro-walk, pro-bike, pro-environment initiative of Citizens' Greener Evanston (CGE) that takes over one mile of Main Street in Evanston once a year. Attendees of Streets Alive and the Green Living Festival are able to participate in an outdoor community event with family and friends, savor a variety of delicious food offerings, and enjoy an afternoon in a space dedicated to human-powered activities and sustainable lifestyles.

The 2017 Streets Alive tagline was "Share the Road", promoting safe practices for drivers, bikers, pedestrians and all others sharing roadways and public spaces for transportation. 


To see a slideshow of the 2017 Streets Alive and Evanston Green Living Festival, click HERE.

More Info

For more information on the Evanston Green Living Festival, click HERE to visit the event's website.

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