Evanston Green Living Festival

2019 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Click on our 2019 Sponsor Directory to see all of the organizations that provided financial or in-kind support for this year's Streets Alive and the Green Living Festival. Below are the logos of the Presenting, Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors for this year's event.  

Click on our Exibitor Directory to see all the organizations that are participating in this year's Green Living Festival.

Event Details

The Evanston Green Living Festival is a fun and educational community event that will be presented on Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 1pm to 5pm. The Green Living Festival is presented as part of Streets Alive by the Evanston Environmental Association (EEA) in partnership with Citizen's Greener Evanston (CGE) and the City of Evanston.  Please add this date to your calendar and be sure to spread the word on this outstanding event to family, friends and other community members.

Green Products, Services and Ideas

The Green Living Festival is presented to the community to provide a venue for businesses and organizations to present products, services and ideas that will help festival attendees lower their personal carbon footprint. Participants will pick up new ideas that they can take home and put into practice to lead a more sustainable life.

Part of Streets Alive

The Green Living Festival was held for its first 8 years at the Evanston Ecology Center, but then was integrated into Evanston's Streets Alive in 2015 in an attempt to reach a larger and more diverse audience. 

Streets Alive is a pro-walk, pro-bike, pro-environment initiative started by Citizens' Greener Evanston (CGE) that takes over one mile of Main Street in Evanston once a year. Attendees of both Streets Alive and the Green Living Festival are able to participate with family and friends in a great combined community event, sample a variety of the best in local food offerings, and be inspired to do more human-powered activities ("silent sports") and adopt more sustainable lifestyles.


To see a slideshow of the 2019 Streets Alive and Evanston Green Living Festival, click HERE.


Exhibitor Registration

To register as a Green Living Festival exhibitor who will present sustainable products, services, and/or ideas to attendees of the festival, click HERE

Exhibitor Benefits

Exhibiting at the Green Living Festival provides the following benefits to exhibitors:

  • You'll reach a large audience of people on the day of the event who are passionate about the environment.
  • Your organization will be included in an event Exhibitor Directory on the City and EEA websites that will link people to your website.
  • You'll help Evanston sustain its collective concern for environmental issues including climate change, clean energy and active transporation. 
  • You'll be supporting a unique, fun and educational Evanston community event that will enrich the lives of all who attend. 

Sponsor Registration and Benefits

Sponsor Registration (now closed)

Sponsorship of Streets Alive and the Evanston Green Living Festival events, a two-for-one promotional opportunity, will allow you to present your organization's brand in extensive pre-event promotion and to thousands of people on the day of the event. To register as a sponsor, click HERE.

Sponsor Benefits

For more information on the benefits of each sponsorship level, click HERE.

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