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Wild Goose Berry - Ribes missouriense *RPBB*

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This is a branching small, woody shrub. Young branches are green, but older branches become gray or brown and woody. The branches have two different kinds of thorns: large straight thorns (about ½"" or longer) that are reddish brown and small straight thorns (¼"" or less) that are brown. Each fertilized flower is replaced by a globoid berry about 1/3"" (8 mm.) across or a little larger. In excessive shade, flowers and fruit may not be produced. Fruit-eating birds and mammals help to spread the seeds to new locations. Gooseberries are favored by the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee and is a host plant for the larvae of two butterflies, Green Comma and Gray Comma, that feed on the foliage. Soil Type: loamy or rocky soil Soil Conditions: Mesic - Dry Flower Color: White Green Height: 2-4' Light: Part Shade Credits: Info & Photo 1 courtesy of illinoiswildflowers.info; Photo courtesy of Randy Tindall at nadiasyard.com

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