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Elderberry - Sambucus canadensis

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This deciduous shrub is usually multistemmed with arching branches and a relatively loose broad crown. Larger or older woody stems are light grayish brown. The flowers have a strong, sweet fragrance with musty overtones. At maturity during mid- to late summer, berries (~¼") are dark purple to black, juicy with 3-5 small seeds. They taste sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The root system is shallow and rhizomatous, and can spread. The pollen attracts a variety of insects, including honeybees, little carpenter bees, flies, and beetles. Little bees tunnel into the soft pith of broken stems, causing little damage. Many birds eat the small fruits. Soil Type: Wet Mesic- Mesic Soil Conditions: loamy clay soil/ sandy with organic matter Flower Color: White Height: 4-12' Light: Full sun- part sun Photo/Image and info credit: Illinoiswildflowers.info

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