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Calico Beardtongue - Penstemon calycosus *RPBB*

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Calico Beardtongue is an adaptable penstemon that forms a rosette of deep green foliage in moist to mesic conditions. Beginning in June, sturdy flower stalks decorated with large tubular pinkish white flowers appear and flower nearly a month. A favorite of bees, it is also visited occasionally by sphinx moths and hummingbirds. Host plant to the moth Elaphria chalcedonia, whose caterpillars feed on the foliage of this penstemon. Soil Type: Loam/Sand Soil Conditions: Wet Mesic-Mesic Flower Color: White tinted Height: 4' Light: full to part sun Credits: Info courtesy of Pizzo Native Nursery and IllinoisWildflowers.Info; Photo courtesy of Julia Bunn

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