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Black Chokeberry - Aronia melanocarpa

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This is an adaptable shrub native with wide tolerance to a variety of conditions. Because of suckering and its tolerance to wet soils, this species is typically used in mass planting, in naturalized and woodland gardens, for erosion control, in windbreaks and in excessively wet soils. The high-antioxidant fruit is used in baking and to make jams, jellies, syrup, tea, juice and wine. Fruit can persist into winter and serves as a food source for birds and other wildlife. Soil Type: Clay, loam, sand Soil Conditions: Wet - Wet Mesic - Dry Flower Color: White with Pink Height: 3-8' Light: Full to part sun. Fruits best in sun. Credits: Info courtesy of U of IL Extension Service; Photo courtesy of John Ruter, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org

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