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Golden Alexander - Zizia aurea

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This spring bloomer displays umbels of small yellow flowers that are an early food and nectar source for many insects and butterflies. Golden Alexander has shiny compound leaves and stands not over 2 feet tall, preferring conditions found in mesic prairies and savannas. The flowers are attractive to many kinds of insects seeking pollen or nectar, especially short-tongued bees. Notwithstanding all of these visitors, this plant is capable of self-pollination. Caterpillars of the butterflies Papilio polyxenes asterius (Black Swallowtail) and Papilio joanae (Ozark Swallowtail) feed on the leaves and flowers, while caterpillars of Papaipema rigida (Rigid Sunflower Borer Moth) bore through the stems. Soil Type: Clay/Loam/Peat Soil Conditions: Wet Mesic-Dry Mesic Flower Color: Yellow Height: 3' Light: Full to part sun Credits: Info courtesy of Pizzo Native Nursery and illinoiswildflowers.info; Photo courtesy of Illinoiswildflowers.info

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