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Prairie Violet - Viola pedatifida

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Prairie Violet occurs in dry to mesic prairies. It has attractive, deeply lobed foliage that will often not fully develop until the plant has finished flowers. It creates charming purple flowers that can self pollinate. It is found with Echinacea pallida, Liatris aspera, and Schizchyrium scoparium. If you are lucky, you will even get a second flush of flowers in the summer. Violets attract Anthophorine bees, Mason bees, Eucerine Miner bees (Synhalonia spp.), Halictine bees, small butterflies, and Duskywing skippers (Erynnis spp.). Because these insect visitors are uncommon during the spring, the Prairie Violet is capable of self-fertilization, like many other violets. It is a host plant of various Fritillary butterflies, including Euptoicta claudia (Variegated Fritillary), Speyeria cybele (Great Spangled Fritillary), Speyeria aphrodite (Aphrodite Fritillary), Speyeria idalia (Regal Fritillary), Speyeria diane (Diana), and Boloria selene myrina (Silver-Border Fritillary). Soil Type: Loam/Sand Soil Conditions: Mesic-Dry Mesic Flower Color: Violet Height: 6" Light: Full sun Credits: Info courtesy of Pizzo Native Nursery and illinoiswildflowers.info; Photo courtesy of Illinoiswildflowers.info"

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