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Prairie Alumroot - Heuchera richardsonii

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Prairie Alumroot is a short clumping perennial with a rosette of velvety basal foliage that turns a beautiful rich copper red in autumn. Tall flower spikes of tiny green flowers appear beginning in May and are pollinated by small bees. Found in rocky prairies, it will also thrive in clay and loam and is an interesting texture plant for the perennial garden. Small bees pollinate the flowers, including Halictid bees and cellophane bees (Colletidae). Many specialist insects feed on this plant: One bee species, Colletes aestivalis, is a specialist pollinator (oligolege) of alumroots (Heuchera spp.). Soil Type: Clay/Loam/Peat/Sand Soil Conditions: Wet Mesic-Dry Flower Color: White Height: 2' Light: Full to part sun Credits: Info courtesy of Pizzo Native Nursery and IllinoisWildflowers.info; Photo courtesy of Julia Bunn

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