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Big-leaved Aster - Eurybia macrophylla *RPBB*

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A native of the savanna and woodland, Big-leaved Aster thrives in well-drained soils that are mesic to dry and can form a tall rhizomatous ground cover. Delicate starry white flowers with golden centers begin blooming in August and blossom into October. A favorite of pollinators, it’s also the larval host to a variety of small butterflies, like the Pearl Crescent and Silvery Checkerspot, and moths, such as the Aster Borer Moth, Asteroid and Arcigera Flower Moth; the aster feeds long- and short-tongued bees, flies, beetles, and plant bugs. Its large, spade-shaped leaves are known as lumberjack toilet paper. Soil Type: Loam/Sand Soil Conditions: Wet Mesic-Dry Flower Color: White Height: 1' Light: Part sun to shade Credits: Info courtesy of Pizzo Native Nursery and IllinoisWildflowers.Info; Photo courtesy of Julia Bunn

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