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Downy Serviceberry - Amelanchier arborea *RPBB*

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This is a multi-stemmed shrub or small tree, forming an irregular crown that is usually more tall than wide. If there is a single trunk, it is 6-16" across near the base and short. Trunk bark is gray, developing shallow furrows and flat ridges on older shrubs or trees. The nectar and pollen of the flowers attract honeybees, Andrenid bees, Halictid bees, and other insects. It is a larval host of the Striped Hairstreak and Red-Spotted Purple butterflies and the Blue Spring Moth, Chokeberry Underwing, Dagger Moths, and others. The fruits feed Hairy Woodpecker, Hermit Thrush, Cedar Waxwing, Baltimore Oriole, and many other birds, as well as mammals. Soil Type: loamy, sandy, or rocky Soil Conditions: Mesic-Dry Flower Color: White Height: 10-30' Light: Full to part sun Credits: Info courtesy of Illinoiswildflowers.info; Photo courtesy of John Ruter, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org

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