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Northern Bush Honeysuckle - Diervilla lonicera *RPBB*

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Bush honeysuckle is a small (3 feet tall) shrub of rocky, cool forests, with opposite leaves and a terminal cluster of yellow-orange flowers. Although bush honeysuckle is rarely dominant in forest understories, it provides both winter and summer browse for deer. Because it freely suckers and produces bell-like yellow flowers, this species is considered a good native substitute planting to use in place of the non-native and invasive honeysuckles. It is a larval host of the snowberry clearwing and gray scooping moths, as well as feeding various midges and aphids. Soil Type: sandy, gravely, loamy less fertile clay Soil Conditions: Dry Flower Color: Yellow Height: 3' Sun Conditions: Part Sun Photo/Image credit: Info courtesy of Pizzo Native Nursery and IllinoisWildflowers.Info; Photo courtesy Copyright © 2021 Bruce Patterson. Info courtesy of gobotany.nativeplanttrust.org

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