Tiny House

In 2013, the totally sustainable 128 sq. ft. Tiny House was moved to the Evanston Ecology Center to demonstrate how smaller and simpler living spaces can lower the carbon footprint of an individual or family.


Built by NU Students

The Tiny House was designed and built by a team of Northwestern University students to bring sustainable awareness to the Northwestern community and beyond. To learn more about the original Northwestern Tiny House project, visit the project website by clicking HERE.

Tiny House Features

The Tiny House features include:

  • A 128 sq. ft. footprint that minimizes required resources
  • Solar panels and a battery bank to capture and store electricity
  • A rainwater catchment and filter system
  • composting toilet
  • Window placement that provides natural lighting
  • A loft for storage and sleeping


To arrange a tour of the Tiny House, contact the Ecology Center staff at the phone number provided below.


For more information on the Tiny House, call (847) 448-8256.

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