Drop-Off Recycling

Both the Evanston Ecology Center (2024 McCormick Blvd) and the Levy Center (300 Dodge Ave) can recycle items for Evanston residents.. Please make sure that you note below which facility can handle the items you wish to recycle. 

Small electronics. Community members may drop off cell phones, cordless phones, digital cameras, video recorders, laptop computers, MP3 players and ink cartridges for recycling. Recycling Avenue, an organization that provides job opportunities for the physically challenged, collects the electronic waste for recycling. (BOTH FACILITIES)

CFLs. Bring the bulbs in self-locking plastic bags. The City of Evanston DOES NOT take CFLs generated on a commercial, institutional or school district basis. (BOTH FACILITIES, BUT ONLY THE EVANSTON ECOLOGY CENTER WILL ACCEPT 4' TUBES)

Batteries are no longer accepted for recycling.

Home and Other Types of Recycling

To find out more about home recycling and other types of recycling and trash services in Evanston, click HERE.  NOTE: When you click on this link and arrive at the City of Evanston website, be aware that links will be displayed on the initial page that can take you to additional recycling topics. 

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